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Using the links below you can listen to an audio stream of programs broadcast by WINB when they can't be heard on 9265kHz on your shortwave radio.  During the times that WINB is not transmitting on shortwave, the streams replay recently aired programs so the stream is always available.

In addition to the streams from the on air encoders, you can listen to any program on the Schedule By Title section of  A link to that section is included as link #3. below.  The individual programs are updated daily, so check your favorites regularly.


1.  Listen to WINB via Windows Media Encoder Server  
2.  Listen to WINB via MP3 Streaming Audio Server   

3.  Listen to Individual Programs


WINB is testing digital broadcasting using the DRM standard.  Here is a link describing the use of the on-line Kiwi SDR to listen to DRM:

Notes on listening by computer:

Streaming to Windows based computers works well with the Windows Media Encoder Server, #1 above.  The Broadwave MP3 encoder, #2 above, works with both Windows and many Apple devices.  The Opera Mini web browser plays well on my Ipad.  Some older systems we have tested ask for permission to save the file before playing, this often occurs with older browsers that will not play the listen live audio element on our home page. 

The individual program on demand play is from mp3 files on our server and play on Windows, Ipads, Iphones, and Android devices.  The link #3 above takes you to the section listing all of the programs available.

If you have questions about our internet audio services, have suggestions for improvement, or information on listening with specific computers that may help others, please email them to   Thanks for listening to our programs.